Erotic massage salon Reflex

Welcome, dear friends, on the site of the salon of erotic massage. We invite you to a new world, bright and attractive: there is no place for vanity, anxiety and fatigue – you enjoy pleasure and cheerfulness, a healthy vital energy, in a word, a delightful state of harmony. This lifelong flow of energy and bliss is accessible to all, because our salon provides a full range of massage services to all comers.

Erotic massage will give a lot of unforgettable pleasant sensations, thanks to sensual touches in a charming environment you will feel lively streams of ethereal energy, you will feel healthy, cheerful and full of strength!

We invite you to the wonderful realm of body and soul: the spirit of fairytale magic is here. Pleasant relaxing music, flickering candles, skillful touches of hands and elastic bodies of charming, full of life and energy of masseuses will allow you to experience divine enjoyment of their skill and achieve the highest degree of relaxation. After all, everyone knows that erotic massage in Kiev is a form of ancient art, its true secrets were available to few. For centuries, folk medicine has been accumulating healing properties and features of massage since time immemorial – they were concentrated mainly in the hands of priests, healers and ministers of sacred temples. Fortunately, all this knowledge and experience is now available to us.

In our erotic massage salon you will feel with each cell all the charms and forms of pleasure that can awaken this ancient kind of amazing human invention. Sweet minutes of relaxation and care will allow each cell to feel the gentle, enticing touches of our kudesnits. They will bring your body to a state of exciting trance, which is comparable to meditation and sexual activity. Amazing combination, isn’t it? These enchanting touches will bring you to the top of bliss – thanks to a mix of physical and emotional sensations.

Every movement, every touch will give you feelings and feelings that are unknown before. The whole world will be presented to you in a new light, you will have an incredible desire to create and realize your, sometimes unknown to you, abilities. You will feel true happiness.

Our massage salon also offers a variety of other massage treatments:

  • Thai massage will give you not only heavenly pleasure, but also excellent health. Two charming masters will present their care and attention to you at once: they will execute massage throughout the body, filling your body with vigor, energy, and more and more revealing your sexual potential. They will immerse you in the mysterious world of erotic play. Their integral helpers will be the intoxicating music and the aroma of incense. Thai massage allows you to fully get to know your body, enjoy a splash of erotic pleasure, taste the bliss of passion, erotic fantasies and games.
  • Body massage is a kind of erotic massage. Here, one girl is involved in the game: she will give you an erotic dance, and then, with the throbbing movements of her hot body, she will massage yours with the help of aromatic oils. This stage takes place in the bathroom. In conclusion, you will experience all the charms of classic massage, during which you will feel light and pleasant excitement. Body massage will be appreciated by true connoisseurs of exquisite delights.
  • Royal Massage is otherwise called VIP Massage. His fans are lovers of luxury. The Royal Massage is performed in four hands. The erotic representation of two fascinating masseuses is a complex program. In addition to erotic and body massage, there are water-foam massage, jacuzzi, champagne and other pleasant moments. This kind of massage is just a must try for everyone at least once in a lifetime. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of experiencing royal delight.

The doors of our erotic massage salon are open to you around the clock. Our charming high-end masseurs await you in an environment of exciting music, aromatic candles and oils and interesting offers.

Our erotic massage salon provides all kinds of massage: classic massage, body massage, Thai and royal. Having undergone our massage only once, you will definitely want to come back here, as our professionals show a high level of quality and extraordinary charm.

Please pay special attention to the following information: our erotic massage salon does not provide intimate services. Here you will find only professional and quality massage.