Many peoples believe that the escort and sex services — the same the word «escort» people mean prostitution, but in reality it is not so! The man who wants to find a «wife» for an hour — not hiding, asked about this openly over the phone! But the escort, just yet rarely meant by a service are the same!

Someone does not want to take the time for a serious relationship, but we need to look respectable in the eyes of colleagues and partners. Someone is trying to keep the business etiquette of an important event, that is to come up with a couple. Someone just lonely and want a massage and «talk.» There are probably some other reasons why men need a companion, which I did not guess. Nevertheless, the demand for such services is large in Europe. In our country, of course, everything turned on its head, but this service are interested!

In our salon we also offer this service! I have to say, not all girls presented on the site are suitable for this role! After all, in addition to an attractive appearance, the girl should be outgoing, friendly, and open to new acquaintances! We can always help you in the selection of the girls, as well as to fulfill your individual wishes!

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