How we work

Nice and comfortable!
We have one of the most beautiful apartments in Kiev. Air conditioning, terry or disposable towels (optional). No need to rush. We are very careful that the programs last no less than the declared time.
Hygiene – the head of everything!
Disposable slippers, sheets, shower – these refreshing events before the session are held by both the girl and the guest.
Correct rules
In all programs, girls in all sessions without panties, as well as a shower with a masseuse, are included in many of our programs.
Confidential and secure
Girls regularly undergo honey. survey. Guest information is strictly confidential.
Random encounters excluded
Strict rules of the salon and regular staff introducts eliminates accidental encounters with unwanted
by people.
Girls are not tense
Our masseuses are extremely unobtrusive and tactful in communication. Professionally relax you and make erotic amenities 🙂
No sex
We exclude the provision of intimate services in our salon. You can not penetrate a girl into intimate places with playful fingers. During the session, the masseuse is completely naked.