Typs of massage1 hour30 minuts
Classic + erotic massage800 grn500 grn
Massage in 4 hands1500 grn
Royal massage1200-1500 grn800 grn
Massage of prostate with strapon1000 grn
Madamfrom 1000 grn
Massage for a couples by 2 girlsfrom 1600 grn
Night with girlfrom 5000 grn (for 6 hours)

Also we offer massage in your apartment for this price, you pay for a taxi in two way

Erotic massage salon Reflex in Kiev is waiting for those who know a lot about good rest!

Erotic massage will lead you to the general pacification, relaxation and strengthening of your libido (sexual energy), as well as help you to get rid of any complexes and bring a lot of exotic to your personal life. Come to our Reflex erotic massage parlor – we know how to please a man!
We are always glad to see lovers of erotic massage and sensual relaxation. The successful location of our salon is a great reason to try erotic massage with us in Kiev, and the range and quality of services will definitely make you return to us and become our regular customer. In the interior salon of erotic massage Reflex a worthy relaxation awaits you!
Erotic massage salon provides massage services in the city of Kiev. We provide different types and techniques of erotic massage, they will help you to realize all your erotic fantasies, erotic massage is the best relaxation for body and soul. Our slender and beautiful – masseuses will do everything to make you get maximum pleasure and even more, because erotic massage is the best way to discharge negative energy and get unbelievable pleasure. Only we have the most beautiful masters who are waiting for you day and night! In our erotic massage salon you will find erotic massage – relaxation, relaxing eromassage, classic massage, massage in aqua foam, Sakura branch, Ligam massage, Thai massage, and other pleasures.


Erotic massage for men and women is the most pleasant and at the same time useful type of massage that has a positive effect on a tired body and a nervous system upset by stress and stress. An erotic massage salon is better than any medicine and clinic!

Gentlemen, gentlemen, I invite you to visit me for an erotic massage. Believe me, if you have never visited us, let alone tried an erotic massage, then you need to definitely visit me for an erotic massage. What it is, it’s not cheating on your beloved wives and girlfriends, it’s not a lie, it’s like going to a club or flirting with a colleague at work. Erotic massage Kiev will allow you to meet a new young girl, see her naked, take a look at her and feel every corner of her body, namely: What is Erotic massage – you come to a nice private setting, choose a girl you like, then she undresses, you undress, then you go to the shower together, then lie down and the girl sits down on you and begins to immerse Vaz in the world of the most unforgettable erotic fantasies – erotic massage in Kiev begins, then everything is as in making love, but for you the young and very good Hb sexy girl as you are on the erotic massage. Come and you will not regret, a comfortable, safe environment, beautiful girls and a sea of ​​emotions and feelings are waiting for you. There is not a single man who came to us for erotic massage and did not return to us, after which they always come back to us, since the mysteries of erotic massage are something unearthly.

Waiting for you to visit !!!