Complex erotic massage – the highest degree of your pleasure

The complex takes into account all the moments that can lead the client to the highest point of pleasure. First a water treatment. You can take a joint bathroom, have a foamy “party”.

Exciting erotic massage – the best remedy for stress

Once in the massage parlor, the man is surrounded by seductive girls, each of whom is beautiful and unique in her own way. Erotica is already present in the choice of a masseuse, but this is only the beginning, there is an hour of incredibly interesting time ahead of us!

Erotic foam massage – a source of energy and pleasure

An amazing offer from massage parlors that takes the process of erotic pleasure to a whole new level – foam massage! One has only to imagine how such a session can take place, and trembling makes out from an anticipation of pleasure!

Erotic massage for couples

In a long-term relationship, a crisis can occur, this is often found. But do not be upset, because everything can be fixed. Erotic massage Kiev for couples diversifies your relationship and gives a new flame of passion and love.

Erotic massage around the clock in the Kiev salon “Reflex”

Busy people often lose all sense of time, working in the name of their goals. But sooner or later, the body will let you know about overstrain. Headaches, bad mood, insomnia are familiar to many.

Shia Tsu Massage

The technique of acupressure is called – pressure on biologically active zones of the body, through which the vital energy of Qi circulates, with special wooden sticks for acupressure. Due to the blocking of points transmitting bioelectric impulses, diseases also arise.

Erotic massage

The erotic massage provided by the Reflex salon, originated in the east at the same time as a regular massage. Well-known ancient thought that the impact on some areas of the body may not only be useful, but … and very enjoyable.

Erotic massage salon Reflex

Welcome, dear friends, on the site of the salon of erotic massage. We invite you to a new world, bright and attractive: there is no place for vanity, anxiety and fatigue – you enjoy pleasure and cheerfulness, a healthy vital energy, in a word, a delightful state of harmony.

Erotic massage: what is useful?

It is a mistake to think that erotic massage Kiev is just a pleasure. Of course, pleasant sensations in this procedure play an important role. However, one must remember that the value of erotic massage on the human body is enormous.

Massage history

The history of massage dates back hundreds of thousands of years. Until now, monuments of ancient Greek, ancient Indian and ancient Egyptian literature have reached, where the aesculapius of antiquity described in detail many massage techniques, indications for use and contraindications.

Erogenous zones

Excitability in women during an oriental massage session can be expressed in different ways and the ratio of activity in men and women will be different. In addition, many women sincerely believe that men do not have erogenous zones at all and it’s useless to caress them: “why try, if they are so excited”, they think and rob themselves.

Erotic prostate massage

In most men, prostate massage causes mixed feelings and, most likely, not the most pleasant memories or associations. But this is one of the most sexual acts, this is stimulation, which should simply lead to cosmic pleasure!