Erotic massage salon “Reflex”

The apartments are decorated in a pleasant style, with a bright note of eroticism, which immediately sets in a sensual mood. A special sexual and at the same time meditative atmosphere, which favors complete relaxation. Scented candles, diffused soft light, soft soft music. Very sincere and at the same time unobtrusive hospitality. Nice conversation and a cup / glass of something of your choice are very disposed to a very close communication. A decent bar menu – to make the erotic massage even more heady! And, of course, the best female massage therapists in Kiev are the soul of our massage parlor .. Impudent or shy, fiery-passionate or insinuatingly tender. But everything, as to selection, is good, sexy and … craftswomen to do erotic massage plus all types of massage that accompany it: from classical to tantric!

A good surprise for our customers is the variety of interiors. The erotic massage in Kiev salon provides romantic-style rooms, modernly decorated living rooms, and wellness rooms. Here you can enjoy techniques of various types: from classical or tantric massage, ending with a procedure performed by two professional masseuses. The most beautiful, most skillful, most gentle and seductive girls of different nationalities work with us. They will not only allow you to plunge into the ocean of pleasures, but also get pleasure by talking with attractive representatives of the fair sex. Only our salon provides a huge variety of different procedures performed by professionals, from the luxurious look of which they are simply breathtaking. The salon was created for people who value new experiences and are not afraid of them. You can plunge into the world of extraordinary relaxation alone or with your loved one, and we, in turn, will try to make your every wish come true. If you want to experience a feeling of absolute emancipation, sensuality and relaxation, all kinds of wellness treatments, the salon works for you!