Erotic massage around the clock in the Kiev salon “Reflex”

Erotic massage around the clock in the Kiev salon “Reflex”

Busy people often lose all sense of time, working in the name of their goals. But sooner or later, the body will let you know about overstrain. Headaches, bad mood, insomnia are familiar to many. Therefore, as soon as a couple of free hours appear, we recommend visiting the Reflex erotic massage parlor. Under the hands of experienced masseuses, like snow under the hot sun, all your nervous ailments will melt.

Ask the regular guests of the salon how they sleep after the massage session? We guarantee that after a sound sleep they get up with a fresh head and lightness in the body, so that they can rejoin the frantic rhythm of Kiev with renewed vigor. And if again you want sweet moments, then they know that an erotic massage is carried out around the clock, without interruption. Choose the time and duration of the visit yourself, and the rest will be done by our lovely masseuses.

We welcome dear guests to massage around the clock

Services of intimate salons are often regarded as something not quite decent. Reflex girls will prove the opposite to you! Having crossed our threshold, guests find themselves in an atmosphere of tenderness and peace. You will be met by experienced (in spite of your youth) masters of oriental manual practices.

Masseuses of the salon passed professional training and know all the nuances of their work. Here you can order Thai massage around the clock, the Reflex branded program, any combination of additional services. A nice bonus will be the contemplation of a naked girl taking the most seductive poses.

Every corner in the cabin is thought out to the smallest detail and serves only rest and enjoyment. Sofas with soft pillows, bamboo screens, scented candles will immerse the guest in the real kingdom of eroticism. Oh, only in the East they know how to give bliss to a tired body.

Massage is carried out around the clock in the best conditions:

  • complete security (the territory is protected);
  • unconditional confidentiality;
    perfect cleanliness, comfort, separate apartments for each guest;
  • twilight and comfortable temperature in the room;
  • Incense, expensive massage oils for the procedure;
  • air conditioning;
  • bar services (coffee, hookah, fruits, drinks).

Massage procedure

First, the girl rubs the neck area with circular motions, gently kneads the collar zone. Gentle massage fingers quickly remove the accumulated tension. Without missing a single millimeter of shoulders and arms, the masseuse switches to the muscles of the back.

It seems that the client is ready to doze off under strong and gentle hands, but there it was. Massage for men around the clock is not conceived for sleep. The impact on the active points of the feet will immediately lead the guest out of sweet oblivion. And the girl’s fingers slide higher, rubbing her calves, hips, buttocks. Fragrant oil allows the palms to move without looking up from the body for even a second. As you approach the main erogenous points, finger movements become more diverse. The amplitude and intensity of stroking changes at the most unexpected moments.

The blood in the veins of men runs faster, making the skin sensitive. Turning onto his back, he is already ready for more playful touches, but the masseuse is not in a hurry. Having worked sections of the crown of the head, temples, forehead, she slowly moves lower and lower. The breast, nipples, lower abdomen are not ignored. Massage around the clock is a real celebration of sensuality.

The girl skillfully opens the inside of her thighs, “by chance” running the back of her hand over the male genitalia. Such pranks cause intense excitement leading to uncontrollable discharge. Various additional programs enhance the effect of the session.

Finally. Life is too short, and it would be a pity to spend it only on work and household chores. From time to time, give yourself the opportunity to relax. Erotic massage around the clock will awaken new feelings in every man, open channels of pleasure unknown until then. After all, you can live a life and not know what touches will make your heart freeze with delight. Salon “Reflex” will become your guide to the world of new sensations and pleasures!