Erogenous zones

Excitability in women during an oriental massage session can be expressed in different ways and the ratio of activity in men and women will be different. In addition, many women sincerely believe that men do not have erogenous zones at all and it’s useless to caress them: “why try, if they are so excited”, they think and rob themselves. Others, on the contrary, complain that men are overly excitable and the slightest caress leads them to ejaculate. Still others (most often women are anorgasmic) consider love play in any form as debauchery. Finally, the fourth ones hold back for fear of being accused of depravity or the presence of collateral sexual experience.

Indeed, men are excited more easily and faster than women, and active stimulation can lead to quick discharge. Therefore, during erotic massage, men and women are recommended different behaviors: it is better for a man to actively caress the most pronounced female erogenous zones, trying to prompt her strong excitement as soon as possible, and the woman’s activity is more aimed at more restrained, encouraging caresses. In addition, a woman should know that the type of active excited partner in itself acts on men.
A certain set of human erogenous zones can be compared with a telephone number. Making combinations of different numbers, you can reach many people, but only by dialing a certain number you will get to a specific person. Therefore, during body massage it is important to unravel the very coveted code. However, even in this case, the response to the stimulation of certain sites can be dramatically different. There is one zone on the body that requires priority attention, and the partner who does the erotic massage Kiev should contact her first of all, find her and gently touch this area. Following the massage of this zone, the second and third zones will wake up and declare their existence, and so on in increasing order. From the foregoing, we can conclude that the path to sexual harmony between a man and a woman lies through knowledge of the erogenous zones and easily excitable areas of each of the partners.

A man has much less erogenous zones compared to a woman. The primary erogenous zones of a man include the genitals, where most of the nerve endings, the scalp, earlobes, lateral surfaces of the neck, lips, tongue, lower abdomen, inner thighs and buttocks are concentrated. In most women, the erogenous zones are the chest, popliteal fossae, genitals, buttocks and earlobes. With the correct action of the fingers during erotic massage in the lumbosacral region and with gentle pressure on the tips of the toes, sexual arousal can be caused. In women, this is a particularly excitable erogenous zone, and for a man, it is a strong visual erotic stimulus. By secondary erogenous zones, sexologists understand certain areas of the body that acquire erotic significance due to the action of the subconscious, for example, during sexual fantasies that can cause erotic arousal.