History of massage

There are literary information about the application of massage in Ancient Greece, Rome. The Romans adopted the culture and customs of conquered peoples. In the Greeks, they borrowed massage, but not only as a hygienic, therapeutic procedure, but also as a means of obtaining erotic delights of the nobility in the baths, furnished with luxury, flooded with beautiful slaves, according to the tastes of that time. From Rome, the massage spread throughout all the Roman colonies.

In the V century. n. e. The Western Roman Empire, previously unceasingly ravaged by barbarian tribes, eventually fell under the onslaught of the conquerors. Since that time a new historical period has begun for European civilization – the Middle Ages, during which the cultural traditions of antiquity did not receive proper continuation. The new religion, Christianity adopted by the conquerors, also did not contribute to the preservation of Greco-Roman culture, considering most of its achievements to be vicious and harmful.

Church dogma with the ideas of asceticism and mortification of the flesh precluded the use of bodily exercises as a recreational means and accordingly stopped the further development and spread of gymnastics and massage. Those who tried to care for their “sinful body” the church cruelly pursued. Only after the crusades the Europeans, having got acquainted with the life and customs of the Near East, adopted from the Arabs the habit of taking care of the purity of the body, using aromatic substances. In the West, they began to wash their hands before meals, regularly visit hot baths. Soap came into use, and wine, butter or milk was added to the water. However, descriptions of fragrant substances and information about them were scanty and rather primitive, as evidenced in 1396 by the professor of anatomy, Heinrich Montville, “The Book on Cosmetics,” which gives a characterization of only a few dozen fragrances.

In the Middle Ages, people once again appreciated the influence of the sauna on the intimate life. As a result, there was not a single major city left where there was a bathhouse that also served as a brothel.

For the first time, massage and steam baths were combined in India. Erotic massage in Hindus consisted in stroking and gentle kneading of the whole body.

The first evidence of erotic massage can be attributed to ancient India. Primitive people who lived on the territory of this state did not have a written language. All knowledge of inventions, discoveries, the sequence of ceremonial actions of festive or daily activities, they passed orally or zapechelevali in rock paintings.
Literary monuments of Ancient Greece also testify to the antiquity of erotic massage. Mythological legends tell that Odysseus, having got to the goddess Circe, bathed in the marble basin and enjoyed the massage, which the Nereids did to him.

In Japan, massage art has many centuries: samurai appreciated its effectiveness: geishas and their students (maiko) were engaged not only in music, dancing and tea ceremony. There it was first combined with water procedures. The techniques of the old Japanese massage are reduced mainly to kneading and pokolachivaniyu.ponskie geisha are known for the art of dance. Without touching the man, they aroused desire in him, and with light touches of fingertips to the skin brought him to a frenzy. They rubbed and rubbed his body with various incenses. Ancient Greek hetaera were also known for their mastery of erotic massage. The person who bought the night at the priestesses of love experienced bliss when the young, but already sophisticated enough girls massaged the body of their master with exciting movements.

Another ancient kind of erotic massage is Thai massage. which has nothing to do with the jaw medical Thai massage. its history is comparatively short: during the war in Vietnam, American soldiers sometimes got the opportunity to relax in Thailand. just for fun they did erotic massage. Now Thai massage is very popular in the modern world. Thousands of tourists claim that arriving in this amazingly beautiful country, you just need to go to a Thai massage session. In specialized salons, masseuse girls make clients an incredibly exciting erotic massage. They abundantly cover their partner with soap and begin to glide over his body. Their movements are reminiscent of the graceful movements of a snake. The client not only experiences fantastic sexual sensations, Thai massage also has a healing function, since all the organs and muscles of the body are stimulated. The wonderful tradition of Thai massage has not lost its relevance, moreover, it is very popular in the modern world.